Zandrah Mereborg Announces New Single ‘Love’

Arriving at a time when we need it the most, Swedish artist Zandrah Mereborg has teamed up once again with collaborator Diego Gabriel Oviedo Bustos to bring a song of hope and positivity with her latest single ‘Love.’ The house pop and EDM track is a tender yet upbeat soundscape that captures the essence of optimism during a period of suffering. ‘Love,’ will be released on all platforms on the 8th April 2022.

“I wanted to bring some light into the life of those who feel overwhelmed in life and lost. I was inspired by people who felt alone in their suffering and at the same time felt not understood by the world around them.“ explains Zandrah Mereborg who uses songwriting as a cathartic therapy tool to let all her feelings out. “Right now, with all that is going on in the world, it feels more relevant than ever. I wanted it to become a daily dose of positivity and love boost.”

Working with long-time collaborator Diego Gabriel Oviedo Bustos, an Argentinian producer, Zandrah Mereborg has created a sonic universe that is meaningful while still bringing uplifting energy. Mellow arpeggiated sequencers and sweeping synthesizers give the song a contemplative and reflective quality, as Zandrah’s ethereal voice draws listeners in amongst the warmth of the contemporary production. Electronic drums crescendo and build into a chorus that takes those reflective moments and lets them blossom, led by an EDM drum beat that lends itself to the dancefloor.

The hypnotic syllables of ‘We cannot live in this cold world without love-love-love-love-love’ serenaded by Zandrah, is a memorable hook that accentuates the meaning of the song. The middle 8 continues the journey with a mesmerising synth section nicely breaking up the track, adding layers of interest and emotion while Zandrah’s voice floats in the distance singing ‘lights will guide you in the darkness,’ a poignant lyric to the sentiment of the song. ‘Love’ was mixed and mastered by Swedish producer, Ludvigsson.

Zandrah Mereborg and Diego Gabriel Oviedo Bustos have focused a lot of their time and energy delving deep and refining the details of their upcoming releases, inspired by the likes of Sia, Robyn, and Christine and the Queens. They aim to evolve and grow as songwriters and musicians to reach the hearts of listeners.