Why Yoel Young Will Be One Of The Biggest Artists In Rap

I am Yoel Young, a 17-year-old musical artist all the time way from Kathmandu, Nepal. Yoel Young has been doing music for quite some time now. But, it’s just been a year since I started recording and making songs. I started my career back in 2019 passively as I started to write songs. I was never a singer, so I would write lyrics to “Type Beats” on YouTube. As I significantly improved my songwriting, I started to record at home with my dad’s microphone.

I try and keep my music as raw as possible. Nothing is forced.

My songs are tailored and glued by feelings and are collections of different emotions that I feel or have felt at a point in my life. I try to portray them through my deliveries, melodies, and lyrics.

I’m still in high school and due to the pandemic, it’s a lot easier to balance school and music.

I’m into all genres of music so I try to pick parts from different genres of music and blend them with my style.

So I want to carry myself and be portrayed as a creative. Because, if you’re in the music business in this day and age, creativity is the only thing that can take you the distance you want to go. It will keep you relevant for a long period of time also I’ve been working on an album as of now, making music every day. I want to put out the best music I possibly can.

I’ve been working on an album as of now, making music every day. I want to put out the best music I possibly can. I want at least 100 songs I can choose from. It’s a lot but I’ve got more than 50 unreleased songs for now.
We are gonna take over this year.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that PATIENCE IS KEY. You might be doing the right things over and over again but you need to be patient. Your time will come but until then, you got to keep your head down and work. You really need to keep on working and top yourself every day. Practice makes perfect. And the road to success is the best. You’ll miss the days you would wake up wanting to be at the top more than anyone else in the world.

I hope to make an impact and touch people through my music someday.

Instagram – https://instagram.com/yoel.young?igshid=1l1nfvcpxizeg

Twitter – https://twitter.com/yoel_young?s=21

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/0PHa915UyDHjquBdxGJjfQ?si=OssttmiDQBiD4dDkLcAdEQ&dl_branch=1

Apple Music – https://music.apple.com/us/album/temporary-pain/1523147866

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YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx2Qk55lkEAZasEZfSWOvwA?view_as=subscriber