Vandi Lynnae Announces New Heartbreak Single ‘Marinate’

 Immersing herself in the pain of heartbreak, ‘Marinate’ is the latest single from pop singer-songwriter, Vandi Lynnae. A passionate ballad with engaging storytelling at its core, ‘Marinate’ follows the success of Lynnae’s latest release ‘Two Stars Collide’ from her debut album ‘The Beginning’. ‘Marinate’ will be available on all platforms on the 13th July 2021.

“I just want to cling to the pain” is the poignant lyric that encompasses the emotion of ‘Marinate.’ Inspired by the agony of heartbreak, the song weaves the story of being unable to let go of a past relationship. Choosing to embrace the torment of a broken heart, Lynnae delivers the song with an emotional conviction that draws parallels to her influences, like Julia Michaels, Demi Lovato and Birdy.

Through delicate acoustic guitars and atmospheric strings, Vandi Lynnae’s angelic vocals guide the song with intensity and clarity, bringing the track to life. As a slow ballad, the introduction of drums adds to the cinematic presence, while ethereal harmonies capture the essence of a heavy heart. Lynnae reflects on the memories of a happier time, savouring every moment, despite how much it hurts. The instrumentation in ‘Marinate’ is sparse in places, highlighting the emptiness of a hollow heart, which allows Lynnae’s moving vocals to shine through. While the song remains a sentimental pop song, Lynnae’s stylistic retro vibes, create something unique and personal.

Born in Virginia, but settling in Indianapolis, Vandi Lynnae developed her craft as a multiinstrumentalist amongst her musical family. A classically trained vocalist, her talent as both a singer and a songwriter has captured fans all over, through her theatrical work and performances with other musical groups, such as Bye Girls. Lynnae’s music has featured on John MacAleer’s Midnight Magic Radio Show and David Bowers Radio Award Show, and she is currently creating a jazz EP with the 2:30 band, in collaboration with local jazz pianist, Bob Wilson. Her busy schedule has already seen the release of her debut album ‘The Beginning,’ with plans for the next album and an array of remixes. Following the release of ‘Marinate,’ Lynnae will be revealing two further tracks ‘Time Hurts (Synthwave Remix)’ and ‘Dancing Through The Rain’ later in July. Even through the midst of heartbreak, Vandi Lynnae still pours herself into her music, and in doing so touches the hearts of her listeners, offering something relatable yet spell-binding.