Typical Male: New Queer Space Pop

Over the moon to send you the new single and video from space pop artist Sean The Star Emperor. Entitled “Typical Male”, the track is Sean’s version of Tina Turner’s “Typical Male” but his way for the 21st century.  The dark electronic based banger was according to Sean, “inspired by my love of wordplay. “Typical Male“. What does that mean in today’s world? What does a man mean in my eyes?  Am I the typical male, is he the typical male. Is she? Are they? I took these questions even further with the video, where I’m not even human . I have men in hazmat suits invading my crash landed spacecraft!

Sean The Star Emperor is as much a musician and artist as he is a masterful showman. Bake a cake with the ingredients of Grace Jones, Donna Summer, Lady Gaga, with a dash of The Black Eyed Peas, and you’ll understand the charismatic, modern-glam-pop, catchy dance monarch! All accompanied with elaborate backstories for his space themed stage personas; this multiple award nominee is really a unique find in today’s music landscape.