This Is James Bene

James Bene is an American singer-songwriter living in Los Angeles who has been writing, playing and composing music since he was a child. A natural performer, James earned a BFA in Music from The Catholic University in Washington D.C and later toured as a performing artist in musicals, plays and other theatrical platforms. Music has been and always will be James’ true love. As a songwriter he expresses himself though strong melody, storytelling and by always marching to the beat of his own drum. A renegade at heart, James moves his fans with his music using soulful melodies, inspired vocals and conviction of self expression through his lyrics. The opening lyric in the electro-pop anthem “American Warrior”…”A small town boy lived by the river…he was a fighter, a survivor”… sets the tone of his mission to write influential, electric and inspired music meant to rouse emotional states within its listeners.

“American Warrior” Single release date is November 22nd, 2021 to all major platforms.

Instagram & Tik-tok; @jamesbene