Tedi Brunetti Talks B-Girls, NYC, And Being “Queen Of Pittsburgh”

Tedi Brunetti is a force and a phenom! The music veteran, who spent years performing in New York City, and touring with the likes of The Imperials and the infamous B-Girls (produced by Blondie’s Debbie Harry), is about to release an ambitious new album project, The Queen Of Pittsburgh. The album, which drops in July, has been getting rave reviews from critics, and first single, “Evil Woman” has been lighting up spotify playlists and youtube screens everywhere. We caught up with Ms. Brunetti, to talk about her historic career and what the future has in store…

Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Evil Woman.” What inspired you to write and record that song?

Thank you. Evil Woman is a song about another woman going after your man, and she ain’t nice! It’s an ode to the 20-30 something generation.

I write from titles, like the Tin Pan Alley songwriters did. The song idea started when a male friend’s girlfriend started to freak out when he wanted to cool down their relationship.  She started a drama campaign on FaceBook badmouthing him and his band. That’s where the “Evil Woman” comes in. Contributing to the lyric ideas were my visits to Swank Hair Studio, where these 20-30 something hottie ladies work. I listened and enjoyed their escapades with boyfriends and husbands and other jealous women. So why not shoot some video there and use these beauties in the video?!

Besides being an amazing vocalist, do you play any instruments?

I do. I am a schooled drummer who dabbles with guitar and bass.  

Were you involved with music as a teenager?  Did you play in any bands back then?  How did you get started?

My first instrument was guitar. Drums weren’t allowed because my parents thought drums were a boys instrument. I was 11-12 years old when the music bug hit me. I took guitar lessons and did well.  I started writing songs immediately. I would teach my girlfriend Diane my songs, she had her parents get her the exact same model Gibson LG-1 guitar that I had, and we were our grade school’s first rock duo. That was 7th and 8th grade catholic school. As a teen I played in the high school marching band and was actually the drum captain my junior and senior years.  I played guitar in an acoustic trio and drums in a horn band with boys from the school band. I would jam with any neighborhood rock musicians I could find.

How would you describe your brand of music to someone who has never heard of Tedi Brunetti?

My music is like a sober Janis Joplin meets Steely Dan in Memphis. It definitely has a classic rock sensibility with blues and jazz influences.

How would you describe a Tedi Brunetti fan?

I would have to say my fans put the music first without regard to my age or sex. That has been a thread through this entire project. My producers Dean Sargenta and Mike Henegan, my husband Jim Mason and I believed and repeated “ the music must speak for itself” during the making of Queen of Pittsburgh.  My fans like my fresh take on blues based music played by real musicians.

What gives you the most joy when you are on stage?

I get the most joy on stage when I’m having an out of body experience and becoming one with the song. When that happens it’s a spiritual thing that connects with whoever is in ear shot whether they want it to or not. I love that!

Tell us about your best performance you’ve ever had?  How about the Worst?

I’ve been fortunate to play some really cool shows. Standout performances for my band were all the nights on Bleecker Street NYC to standing room only crowds at The Bitter End. Although, my first NYC performance with The B-Girls, we rocked our asses off for a sold out house of raging fans. That was also memorable.

The worst stage experience was playing 2 shows when my back had “gone out”. I was having severe lower back muscle spasms the entire night. I really don’t know how I got through it!

What is the highlight of your music career, so far?

Making the Queen of Pittsburgh album and videos is the highlight of my career. The production team of Dean Sargent, who produced my first solo album in the late 80’s,  and Michael Henegan along with my husband and lead guitarist Jim Mason was a joy filled learning experience in how positivity affects musicality. I was able to include our son James T Mason, an awesome musician who plays the hell out of the drums, bass and guitar. He and his dad Jim Mason played an outstanding Father/Son guitar solo section on the title track Queen of Pittsburgh. Two of my sisters , I have 6 sisters, Mary Brunetti Parke and Anita Brunetti Philips sang background vocals on a few tracks. Seeing the public acknowledge the work these incredible people have done has been soul satisfying.

What does Tedi Brunetti like to do when she’s not making music?

 I’m a foodie who enjoys cooking and traveling. When I’m not making music I like to search out new restaurants and new cuisines here, there and everywhere. I like to try new cooking techniques. In the summer smoking BBQ is my jam. I’m the Italian grandma who cooks for all the holidays.

What is up next for you in 2021?

The remainder of 2021 includes releasing the Queen of Pittsburgh album in July, making and releasing more videos and rehearsing my live show. 

Thanks Tedi!  We appreciate the time…