Smokin’ Ka’Vettie Smoke’s New Song

She’s  Smokin Ka’Vettie Smoke  announces here latest single “I Don’t Care”

 Hailing from Danville VA, KaVettie Smoke was a big talent in a small city, anyone that had the pleasure of hearing her sing at church or lead in the group Gospel Of Together knew one day she would reach stardom! As she matured  so did her talent and sound, as heard in her cover of Prince’s Do Me Baby along with her original song Do Me Baby.  Life situations with love, loss and motherhood trails made her into the songstress she is today. Her vocal prowess is innovative and fresh soon to the Top of the POPS and the charts, under the direction of Coldhouse Records KaVettie Smoke is ready to reintroduce herself to the world so they better be ready for KaVettie Smoke!

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