Seth Glier Urges Togetherness in “The Coronation”

Grammy-nominated singer / songwriter Seth Glier just released his new single and visuals for “The Coronation,” which the featured track from his upcoming sixth studio album set for release later this year.

In “The Coronation,” the theme of interconnectedness and community is prevalent, and Seth sends the message that to collectivity heal the world, we all have to be in this together. The artist confides, “for most of my adult life, I’ve held the belief that humanity is right around the corner from something transformative,” Seth explains. “If we could only see that our separateness is an illusion, then a future of global cooperation and interdependence would be undeniable. As the coronavirus locked down the world, I watched this long-held belief inside of me becoming a reality right before my eyes.

The song glows with tender vocals, acoustic guitar, soulful worldly instrumentation that connect deeply with the core of the listener’s emotions and further accentuate a feeling of togetherness. The accompanying music video is a series of illustrations that tell a vivid and thought-provoking story through the perspective of a child.

Listen and watch Seth Glier’s “The Coronation” here: