Pat Boone and Margo Joy Introduce “The Exodus Song (This Land Is Mine)” to Younger Generations

Since its debut in 1960 in the film “Exodus”, now for the first time, a new generation will experience the majesty of “The Exodus Song (This Land Is Mine)”. Pat Boone and Margo Joy have joined together to bring this heartwarming masterpiece that unites Christianity and Judaism to honor God’s beloved nation of Israel.

The words of “Exodus” … (“This land is mine, God gave this land to me…”), recall the Biblical story of how a nation would be born again one day, bringing together Jews from around the world to create a blessed land, Israel. “Exodus”, lyrics penned by Pat Boone, and composed by Ernest Gold, is so beloved, many consider it the “second” Jewish national anthem.

Pat Boone first introduced the world to the new version of “Exodus” and Margo Joy on his Radio Show, January 15, 2022.

The Pat Boone radio show, produced by Pat’s long-time friend Ed Lubin, has been running for over 39 years, and is syndicated to over 50 radio stations.

From talented pop artist and songwriter to operatic singer, Margo Joy is also a cantor for a synagogue and has her own ministry. Margo Joy is working on her second volume of Prayers of the Testaments, God’s Words™, a series of cantorial prayer albums in both Hebrew and English with original melodies. The series includes Shabbat, Passover, High Holidays and Hanukkah.

Margo said, “I started this project to teach Jews the prayers and services, and to share with Christians their Jewish roots, so everyone can hear and learn the prayers that Jesus prayed. There are so many prayers that are the same in both Judaism and Christianity. We are all God’s children, a family. The prayers are very healing and at this uncertain time in the world, we can connect to God’s love and healing through His words, feeling God’s comfort and peace within.”

Pat Boone calls Margo’s project “a divine message from God.”

Exodus Music Video –

Margo Joy is also the creator and voice of Lucky Ladybug™, Lessons from the Heart, a children’s book series with music albums, activity books and animation videos. “Be A Better You” is in stores now and book 2 in the series will be coming out later in the year.

Margo’s Peaceful Sleep Journeys™ app in the google play and iOS store is filled with ASMR guided, calming and inspirational meditations with original relaxing lullabies to help you sleep. You can find all of Margo Joy’s projects through her music label, Ave Maria Records.

In 1979, the Israeli government honored Pat Boone with the Israel Cultural Award, the country’s highest award for non-natives, in recognition of his artistry and humanitarianism. The Israeli Tourism Department in the U.S. named him Christian Ambassador to Israel. Pat has co-chaired the National Day of Prayer for many years.

Pat and his late wife Shirley led numerous tours to Israel for the Christian Broadcasting Network and, with the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, helped 800,000 Jews to settle in Israel in response to God’s promise. “To your offspring I will give this land.” (Genesis 12:7)

Pat Boone continues to share his many talents with the world since 1955 as a singer, writer, composer, actor, and author. He has sold more than 45 million records, had 38 Top 40 hits, hosted popular television shows, and appeared in numerous Hollywood films. Learn more about the American Legend, Pat Boone, and his upcoming projects.

Pat just finished shooting a new film to be released in the Spring, called “The Mulligan”. At age 87, Pat is as busy as ever with lots of new projects. He is also a spokesperson for – the vitamins and supplements that he has been taking for 30 years to stay healthy. The founder of MDR, Patricia Riley, is a good friend of Pat and Margo. During the pandemic, she urged them to collaborate to create a new release of “Exodus.”

Riley said, “My father was National Airlines Captain Frank Riley. He was always proud that he helped set up and pilot the first El Al commercial airline flights in Israel in 1950. The song, ‘Exodus,’ was dear to his heart, so watching the song’s rebirth in this new musical audio and video is so special to me. Pat’s majestic voice and Margo’s beautiful melodic harmony make ‘Exodus’ come alive in a new way.”

With the new “Exodus” recording debut, Pat Boone and Margo Joy have only begun to share God’s word together with perhaps more inspiring projects to come.
This new version of “Exodus” will be available for presale February 4, 2022, and will arrive in music store platforms February 13, 2022, sharing God’s love, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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