New York’s Redray Frazier Launches Highly Anticipated New Single ‘The Real Thing’

Driving organic guitars and seductive bass intertwine amidst subtle rhythms and soulful, intimate vocals – New York’s Redray Frazier follows up a string of successes with the energizing and passionate new single ‘The Real Thing’.

Releasing exclusively through Greystone Music Group, NY’s own champions of indie recognition, ‘The Real Thing’ elevates an already renowned Redray Frazier for its soaring musicality and increasingly uplifting good vibes.

This minimalist yet timeless groove and exotic vocal-lead bring together familiarity and character for a defiant sense of identity that runs throughout Frazier’s catalogue. After the immense impact of his former single ‘Better Man’, ‘The Real Thing’ shines light on yet another side to the uninhibited artistry and ability of a devoted songwriter and performer.

Boasting live shows far and wide including support sets for the likes of Lenny Kravitz and Ben Harper, along with joining Talking Heads lead singer David Byrne’s touring band, Frazier’s gritty soul-rock sound blends authenticity and skill with a clear edge of addictive, infectious songwriting, and as such has garnered the affection of thousands of fans across the globe.

‘The Real Thing’ marks a more lasting reminder of the creativity, engagement and presence that excels throughout his music.

Download or stream ‘The Real Thing on all major platforms from March 18th. Check out Redray Frazier on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or his Website.