New Music OUT From Yung Jaguar

A maestro of poetic lyrics makes Yung Jaguar  stand out from other hip hop/ RnB ARtists. His latest song LOCO embodies the traits of his animal namesake totem whose character was versatile when it came to storytelling. Hitting the three tenants of content, flow and delivery the rhythmic combines that usual gap of that grey area between speech, prose, poetry and singing. 

His Inspiration for the song: “Honestly i was traveling through. El paso texas and i met this beautiful lady at the bus stop waiting on a transfer and she was mexican and black kinda remind me of a girl i knew from back home so i was about to ask her  some thing  when this guy walk up and they started arguing he was trying to get her to stay but she kept referring to him having no money it was a tripped out sight eye opening to a previous experience i had  stayed on my mind a lil while especially speaking to my long time friend Flo, so i decided to write a song about it”.

Yung Jaguar (Jagg) born as Jerry Stapleton was born on the 17th of August in 1991 in Starkville Mississippi. At the age of 17, Yung Jagg had developed a local rap group called “BOMB Squad” in Simpson County, MS. He used to do weekly shows with his classmates and colleagues at the national guard in his region. At the age of 19, Yung Jagg joined college in Memphis TN to become a multimedia expert. He studied cinematography, graphic design, audio engineering, and production.

Yung Jagg decided to travel to other parts of the United States to expand his faith in hip-hop. In Texas, he became acquainted with Lloyd Prince, D. Prince and J. Prince Jr of Rap-A-Lot Records, who inspired and encouraged him to continue his journey shortly after spending five months spreading his LP through Dallas TX. Once relocated to Bellingham, WA Yung Jagg received his first paid gig. Wild Buffalo’s renowned promoter Chris who inaugurated Snoop Dogg’s artistes from Dog Pound, for Washington Co-host. He encouraged him to change his name to fit his personality better. And after a few weeks of consideration, he renamed him “YUNG JAGG.”