Nate DiRuzza’s “I and You” is Romance Reimagined

At the core of human existence is the vulnerable and relatable need to be loved. This desire has led hopeless romantics to coin catchphrases that encapsulate the idea of two becoming one in a romantic partnership. Phrases like, “It’s you and I” can be heard in almost every romance movie. Flipping the script of the common words, Nate DiRuzza says he wants to put the love between “I and You” in his newest single. Every line is filled with romantic imagery including, “Wanna hold your hand like the Universe holds the stars” and be “the canvas for the world you dream to paint”. This imagery paired with the groovy electric guitar and beat makes for a beautiful love song.

Not only is Nate DiRuzza reimagining romance – he is bringing back early 2000s chill pop. Nate DiRuzza’s newest song carries over vibes from influences like “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. The laid back, acoustic pop tone makes listening to “I and You” feel like a Sunday afternoon hanging out at home with a partner or having a picnic on a warm, spring day at the park. Nate DiRuzza is keeping traditional storybook romances alive with “I and You”, which belongs on all romantic playlists.

Nate DiRuzza will be releasing a new single, titled “Madness” on June 9th. While waiting for it to come out, you can listen to “I and You” here and follow him on Spotify  and social media.

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