Malaysian singer and songwriter Lyia Meta releases new EP, 15013

Malaysian Lyia Meta is an International Multi Award winning singer, songwriter and producer. A multi genre artist whose influences are rooted in Rock and Blues, Lyia has performed in the Kuala Lumpur live circuit for many years before branching out to reach global audiences. Known for her vocal prowess and her ability to make each song her own, no matter the genre, Lyia brings to you her collaborative effort with Los Angeles based songwriter Denise Dimin and Nashville based producer Bob McGilpin. As the vocalist and coproducer, Lyia interprets Denise’s words interweaving lyric and emotion to bring you music that’s haunting, timeless and sublime!

“There is a certain magic when music and lyric can make you feel something. There’s just so much traffic out there that if a song can make you stop and forget all that, that’s magic”- Lyia Meta