Introducing The Smokey Thieves

The Smokey Thieves is a band originated by Matt Paris, the songwriter and main performer driving the creative vision. Based out of Los Angeles, The Smokey Thieves recently released their debut studio single, “What A Shame”. The song serves as an introduction to the band’s sound and is available on all streaming platforms. In addition, The Smokey Thieves are also releasing a brand new EP featuring five songs titled “Songs From A Dark Room” on April 22nd, 2022. With all these exciting plans in store, The Smokey Thieves managed to develop a unique song formula, which combines energetic indie aesthetics with memorable and personal composition, which taps deep into Matt’s insights and experiences. As a drummer, Matt is all about building the songs not only from a melodic perspective but also from a rhythmic standpoint. Prior to focusing on The Smokey Thieves, Matt played and performed for various Los Angeles-based artists. The Smokey Thieves allows Matt to explore a much more dynamic and kaleidoscopic musical landscape, where anything goes. The music draws from a wide range of influences, including acts as diverse as Alice In Chains, Nine Inch Nails, Dawes, Delta Spirit, and Jason Isbell. Any fan of musicians like Elliott Smith, Dead Rituals, Audioslave, or Tool will also connect with The Smokey Thieve’s formula and with Matt’s creative sensibilities.

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Instagram: @TheSmokeyThieves