Holiday Hits With Maki Mae

The talented and incomparable Maki Mae.  She released a new holiday/seasonal song album just last year full of tunes that will soon become timeless holiday classics we will all listen to year after  year, decade after decade. Maki’s talents and story are equally astounding as her musical and vocal prowess. 

Her SEASONAL  SONGBOOK  can be streamed wherever you listen to music or by clicking the link.

Maki Mae was born as a blue baby not breathing and months later was rescued from crib death. Complications resulted in 70% hearing loss. When Maki was five, her financier father became bankrupt and her mother worked three jobs to support his mistress and son, his debts, and music lessons. Music became a safe haven. Her linguistics professor mother trained Maki’s lyrical diction, and Maki has performed professionally in English, Latin, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese, Hebrew and also Chinese, Tagalog, Korean, and Japanese.

Maki Mae debuted the Beethoven piano Pathetique at 10-years old, Mendelssohn violin concerto at 14, and left home at 15 for Phillips Academy, Andover. While attending Johns Hopkins University, Maki was discovered by Berl Senofsky at Peabody Conservatory for her trifecta of violin, piano, and opera. Maki sings the highest note in the soprano repertoire and is sought after for her rendition of Mozart’s Queen of the Night aria. She is best known for developing a unique vocal technique that integrates high pianissimo notes (cuperto) with no vibrato over an incredibly sustained breath.

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