Head Fake Delivers A Sonic Gem On Latest EP

With revolving melodic changes and clever instrumentation Head Fake brings the funk with his collaborative effort with Dub Fu Masters, aptly titled, Head Fake vs. Dub Fu Masters. This three-song EP offers listeners a taster of the eclectic rhythms playing around inside their heads while spinning a vast tapestry of musical ideas. Opening track “One Step” is a club mix of an original recording with an ‘80s melody. These contemporary harmonies lend to the nostalgic vibes which are ever-present in today’s club music, however, this tasty track has captured that essence of sentimentality with its post-punk / new-wave /emo feel. “Trump Funk” is a bright and ingenious satire of the late administration. With chaotic beats and echoing samples, the ascending melodies are a reflection of the “chaos of the past four years”. Wrapping up the EP is “Overjoyed,” a downbeat, more melodic offering which focuses on depth of groove and the syncopated funk which makes this collaborative effort so appealing.

Diving deep into Head Fakes’ social media presence we are teased with new music coming this summer, as the chaos of the pandemic eases, but while we are waiting we have Head Fake vs. Dub Fu Masters to get us through until the clubs open again. This EP is a must for any EDM playlist whether in the car or in a club; the dynamic frequencies play out majestically across the listening field. With plenty of headroom left in the mix, you can turn this one up for a distortion-free experience. Recording in studios in London, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Miami, Head Fake draws influences from each city’s club vibe. This professional and mature EP seamlessly blends the “cross-pond and cross-continental radio influences of their youth into a ‘could have been hits back then’ collection of new music.” Head Fake vs. Dub Fu Masters is an EP that requires multiple listens to fully appreciate the subtle nuances hidden deep within this sonic gem.

–Lee Callaghan