GRW Sings the Weather Report: “Tennessee Is Cold”

Fall is here, ushering in a new season; and GRW (Grow without the O) is welcoming it in with a new song release, “Tennessee Is Cold.”  Don’t be thrown off by the title, this song isn’t just about the weather. It is the perfect metaphor for moving to a new city, proving that the weather report and the city have a lot in common – they’ll offer a warm welcome but before you know it, it’s frigid. 
This clever track perfectly showcases GRW’s diversity as an artist. He has a musical reputation for innovation, from his combination of reggae, rock, and alt-country, to celebrating releases alongside dancehall superstars Junior Reid and Nyanda. But for this song, GRW shows off a straight-up country track with a hint of folk and americana. 
“I’ve always let the music take me where it wants to,” says GRW. “I’ve never felt confined to the constraints of a certain genre. I don’t think music or art should live by a set of rules, so I don’t either.” 
“Tennessee Is Cold” is out now on all platforms. Embrace the new season with GRW & listen to the track here: