Glass Dove Releases Heartbreak in “Half-Life Wilderness”

Nashville based artist Glass Dove just released his new song “Half-Life Wilderness,” which is the title track of his latest album released last month. The artist, who is known for his introspective and deep meditations on life, personal relationships, and conscious thinking, wrote and recorded the album in the Smoky Mountains with producer Owen Biddle. 

In “Half-Life Wilderness,” the artist reflects on the upheaval that took place as he ended a relationship and embarked on a fresh chapter in his life. Glass Dove details further, “‘Half-Life’ is the time it takes for something to decompose in nuclear fallout. ‘Wilderness’ is the middle of nowhere. Those two things sound pretty evocative to me. That’s what happened in my life. It was like nuclear fallout. I torched the whole thing, looked around, had a brand new fresh start, and decided where to.” In the song, Glass Dove sends out a message of disappointment, loss, and confusion. When a relationship comes to an end, oftentimes it’s difficult to understand how you even got to a place of no return with your partner. Featuring earnest lyricism, flowing melancholic vocals, and a beautiful arrangement of vintage synths, the song is dark yet relatable, and passive yet thought-provoking.

Glass Dove is known for his innovative blend of indie rock and synth pop with a retro twist. “Half-Life Wilderness” is from his latest 10-track album that “explores the push-and-pull of personal and universal dichotomies.”

Listen to “Half-Life Wilderness” here: