Get On The “Freeway” With Melion Music

Inspired and influenced by human beings doing what they love, Singer-Songwriter, Melion Music is coming at you straight outta Philly. Melion has appeared on the reality TV show, “SWV Reunited,” and his music has received radio airplay across the US and around the world. An R&B fan at heart, Melion says, “The gift of music is a blessing, and it is our responsibility to share that blessing with the rest of the world.”

His brand new single, “Freeway” features some dynamic, soulful vocals over a smooth-as-silk backing track. It brings to mind artists as diverse as Usher and Al. B Sure. Destined to provide a background for any romantic moment, Melion says that the song is about “doing what’s necessary to just to get next to you.”

photo credits: Terry Lewis

Recorded at Raseac Studios in Philadelphia, “Freeway” is one of the hottest R&B tracks that have crossed this desk in quite some time.

When he’s not making amazing music, Melion is giving back to his local community by training youth in the area. For more information, please visit