Get Inside Met Montrel’s “Hitman”

The eclectic singer-songwriter discusses the origins of his latest single release.

Photos by Damage Media Group, LLC

“The old saying goes that the best music comes from life’s experiences,” says Met Montrel. “This song serves as that. Originally, I was going through beats to write a slow love song about getting over someone who has hurt you. Needless to say, I was deep in my feelings about my own personal life and I needed to release those emotions. I searched for hours for beats that would make me want to cry or put me in a choke hold emotionally. After several failed attempts, I came across this beat that was sexy and seductive. My mind raced rapidly. It’s funny because I was in state of sadness and minor depression but this beat made me feel happy and sexy. It was the complete opposite of how I was feeling. I’ve learned when it comes to writing and creating music, I normally write about the opposite of what I am currently going through. If I’m happy and vibrant, I write the best breakup songs. When I’m sad and down, I write the best turn up songs. It crazy but I never question the process.”

He continues, “Writing Hitman was no different. When I first started to write to the beat, I played it extremely safe. I’ve always kind of played it safe when it came to lyrics and the vibe of the song. After many failed attempts, I freestyled to the beat about five times. Within those 5 takes, I was able to find the flow of the pre-hook. ‘I just wanna fuck, you know what’s up’ and the rest was history.”

“Going back to earlier when I mentioned how songs are best when they are from life experiences, this came into play. I was having relations with someone who was with someone else. During the intercourse, the person I was intimate with would yell out things like ‘it feels so good bae. He don’t even hit it like you on God.’ I never in a million years would have thought that our interaction would have been the inspiration behind a song.”

“When I first got the pre-hook and the hook written out, I was like this song is nice and all but I will never record it. It was vulgar and raunchy which is completely opposite of the music I make. After recording it in my home studio, I fell in love and I decided to record it at the studio. To my surprise it was received well from my engineer, Ryan. It was a fun track to record. Later, I hosted a listening party of a few musical artist in Memphis and out of all the songs I played, Hitman was everyone’s favorite. At that moment, I knew that Hitman would be a success. It’s fun and sexy and seductive. All of the things I feel like I’m becoming with age. Everyone has someone who they can’t let go of because of how the sex is. Hitman will be the single for those people.”

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