Former Blondie Backing Vocalist And Clash Tour Mate Releases Meditation And Healing EP

Ananda Xenia Shakti and Love Power The Band have released a five-song collection, “Love Is Where You Are.” The EP includes first single and video, “I Am Love.”

The song is formed around an ancient mantra ‘I Am Loved I Am Love;‘ two statements that can quantum leap you and Humanity out of any life problem.”— Ananda Xenia Shakti

After a successful career in the punk scene as the lead singer in an all girl band, having toured with the Clash and having sung background vocals with Blondie (both in the studio and during live performances), Ananda Xenia Shakti discovered the teachings of yoga and never looked back. She took her high-spirited energy and love and directed it towards creating transformational music. As Ananda Xenia Shakti & Love Power The Band, the collaboration are creating what they call “Music for Body and Soul, Vibrational Healing and Celebrating the Festival of Life.”

Love Power the Band perform a rare musical experience called “Interactive Music.” The audience becomes part of the band. The audience is given their own vocal part of the song that one of the background vocalists helps them with. It a magical experience of breaking the division between performer and audience, and ignite the soul to experience we are “One.”

“Love Is Where You Are” is the new 5-song EP release from Ananda Xenia Shakti and company. The 44-minutes-long collection includes the just-released music video for “I Am Love” (out on February 14th, 2022.) Filmed by Gopinath Films, the video features dancers Sofya Simha and Chintamani Diane and “Light Weavers” Emma Abel and Lisa Beck, as well as the people and children of Vrindavan, India. Wardrobe features ‘She Dress’ by “I Am Love’ Designs.

The song, written by Shakti, features:
Lead Vocals : Ananda Xenia Shakti
Guitar: Premadasa Gangadeen
Bass: Niranjan Gundu
Drums: Yogi Shambhu, Ras Groundation
Background Vocals : Adi Kanda

Ananda says, “The song is formed around an ancient mantra ‘I Am Loved I Am Love;‘ two statements that can Quantum Leap You and Humanity out of any life problem. Please sing along, dance and share freely. This is our planetary time to know the greatest truth ‘I Am Love’ and ‘I Am Loved.”

Watch “I Am Love” at


Devi 8:38
Love Is Where You Are 7:11
Radha Grace 8:14
Mahisasuramardini 14:07
I Am Love 5:58

As a founding member of the B-Girls, Ananda (known then as Xenia Holliday) played guitar and sang in one of the original girl-punk groups of the late ’70s. As their popularity grew, the band relocated from Toronto to NYC, where they played the hotspots and toured numerous times with The Clash. Signed to Bomp! Records, the band sang back-up on Blondie’s smash album “AutoAmerican” as well as Stiv Bators’ solo album.

Ananda’s spiritual awakening came while living in NYC. She made a huge life decision and left the B-Girls to pursue yoga and the spiritual principals of life, with a firm inner commitment to merge modern music and ancient life teachings. She is an international Yoga Trainer, founding Sananda yoga training courses since 2004, and Choose Love Karmic Readings. in which she acts as a conduit of Higher Realms wisdom for clients and through which she receives healing ‘Poetry’ similar to the style of Rumi that she transforms into song. Sananda Yoga, offers classical esoteric yoga, and specializes in “The Feminine Art of Yoga” — A “Deep Empowerment for Women” in all of their natural expressions: Strength, Grace, Spiritual Awakening, Vibrancy, Compassion, Love , One-Pointed Focus, Revelry, Tender Heartedness, Intelligence, Divine Moods, and Being the Crucible for your Evolution, Freedom of Expression In Body Mind And Heart, Beauty, Womb Wisdom.

Ananda spends a good deal of time in India and incorporates the ancient language of Sanskrit into some of the healing tunes. Her vision is always focused towards merging opposites into “Oneness,”…ancient and modern, audience and band, dance and stillness, vibration and comprehension.