Everyone is Welcome to “Still Cry” with Eva Grace

In her new song, “still cry sometimes” Eva Grace assures audiences through her addictive alt-pop sound that there is nothing wrong with still feeling for a relationship you are no longer a part of. Memories form many aspects of our personalities, and we remember small details- good and bad- for one reason or another. It is unfortunate that we cannot pick and choose which to keep around, but it is important to take them all for what they are, as they can remind you of your worth and what not to do in the future.

Grace takes the stigma of turning a blind eye when you are wronged in a relationship and chants that it is okay to cry, and feel, and mourn. At the end of the day, you are not accepting defeat because you aren’t missing the person you were with, you are upset because you allowed yourself to be treated this way for so long.

Listen to the song on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Ywer7SvQsg8 

The line, “Wishin’ for one last goodbye” can mean many things. However, as those who have experienced similar can agree, this last goodbye is not literal, it is more so saying you wish to think of them for the last time. After relationships, you do grow as a person, however, when your partner has wronged you so much, it is not easy to separate your own growth from the person you were with. Taking away the positives, especially personally, is a big part to healing and moving on from these events, but this can make it incredibly difficult.

With her perspective and honest lyricism, Eva touches the hearts of her audiences in this otherwise very lonely journey of mourning and growth. This voice is so important in our current age of media and we can only hope that Eva Grace continues to reach and comfort more and more listeners.

To keep up with Eva Grace and listen to her music, please visit this link: https://flow.page/imevagrace.