Entrepreneur, Artist, Videographer, All in One

George Pareti is currently discovering his many talents and ways to continue to grow his own personal brand to get to where he eventually wants to be. After deciding to take up music a little over a year ago, George has his eyes on some pretty big goals and plans to find a way to make it to the top. Being a perfectionist has helped George create the best music he is able to make. Although being a perfectionist comes with its own details, George says that it can take him a lot of time to finally finish something because he is constantly doing so many revisions in order to make it perfect and he can possibly see it. When looking into the future, George has goals to hopefully open for artists to create a buzz around his name, and then eventually be able to have a large enough fan base that he can have his own concerts. When discussing who he would dream to open up for there was not an exact answer. George enjoys supporting other underground artists like himself who have created their entire fanbase on their own. He says that the fans from these underground artists are always entirely committed and into the music that they are producing. George says that he would open for any underground artist as he knows that the fans are open to listening to new and different music that is not seen yet within the mainstream music industry. Overall George knows there are many steps to getting to the level of success and he is willing to take all the necessary steps to get there.