David Austin’s Road-Tripping Anthem, “Cut Hunting”

David Austin’s new single, “Cut Hunting” is the perfect road-tripping song. This chill, feel good song about traveling with friends and is filled with vivid images of all the adventures one has in their twenties. The story takes us from the local neighborhood to the wilderness to a strip mall drag race and finally to a heavenly 7/11 where Jesus is caught leaning against a slurpee machine. And of course, the lyrical execution of these scenes are articulated in that uniquely rhythmic David Austin singing style. 

As David himself said, the song is “About riding around with your friends looking for a place to have a good time.” The instrumentation of this track is founded on his skillful guitar playing and a groovy drum beat, which are both accented by a 70s style keyboard and nostalgic horns. Austin’s vocal on “Cut Hunting” is clear and clean. The warmth in his performance leaves the listener with the impression that they were just told a story by an old friend. 

Listen to “Cut Hunting”: 

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