Chicago’s Tired God

Tired God is a upcoming artist coming out of Chicago. He has been working hard on music just recently to let the world know about his brother’s name, who died in 2018. Every song is written so that you can feel and understand the variety of emotions and feelings he feels, as his journey in music continues. He is only 21 years old and has a long bright future for his path in music. Coming from Chicago with little to none, he has achieved a lot of accomplishments, ranging from hitting a quarter of a million streams on one song, to opening up for the star, Lil Tjay. Not having much as a kid growing up, he has taken many different routes, and they’ve all pushed him into music. With creating different vibes from rap, melodic rap, up to reggaetón, he never tries to bring the same vibe from another song and strives to push his music to be different from the rest.