Check Out Selfish Bodies

Selfish Bodies, a female lead Canadian Alt Pop Rock trio, latest single ‘Hideous’ was produced by Juno nominated Brandon Unis and Robbie Townsend. Hideous is the second single in a new era of music for the band that blends familiar sounds from past decades with fresh vibes of the 2020s. We believe music is a universal language.

What do we want to say? Whatever you need to hear.

Hideous is a cinematic experience contained in a dark soundscape. Sorrowful lyrics, steadfast piano, and a tight beat drop make for an epic musical journey as the lyrics explore taking a closer look at ourselves and those around us. The beginning of the end is a goosebump inducing screech of a guitar solo, perfectly summarizing the Hideous experience. With many live dates in 2023 it really is the year we prove anyone wrong who has said “rock is dead”.

You can stream “Hideous” below via your preferred platform.

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