Easy Feelings and Fallin’ In Love

No matter the feeling, if it comes as easy as “eatin’ apple pie or stealing’ candy from a baby” you know it’s going to be quite the hard one to shake. Chad Bushnell and his new single, “Fallin in Love With You” are packed to the brim with all things gushy love this holiday season. And as the weather gets colder it becomes easier and easier to fall in the warm feeling of falling in love.

However, with this easy fall comes a much harder redemption. Especially in the occurrence of an unexpected or messy set of feelings, this fall can feel endless and it’s quite hard to see the surface from the bottom.As with anything, love is a double-edged sword, and can make things worse before they get better. But when life moves so fast, an easy fall to slow down and appreciate the little-things, especially if they are all about a certain someone, can be oddly peaceful.

On this single, Chad depicts all the complex emotions in simple, relatable lyrics that are sure to warm you up just listening to them. You can hear the Official Audio for yourself at: https://youtu.be/ZeJP_Kz5tno 

And be sure to keep up with Chad at: https://www.chadbushnell.com/ or on any of his socials below:

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Article Written By Jamison Costolnick