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Pharaoh Lucciano, born as Saad Nashat Botros on April 11, 1998, is an Egyptian-American rapper, singer, and songwriter. His early life took place in his native country of Egypt, with his family emigrating to the United States to reside in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) Area in his later years. Immediately after his release from the Virginia Correctional System, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia to rid himself of distraction in order to take his music career to new heights. Since his release, he has released a number of singles such as Out Da Mud, No Love, and Up All Night.

    Through his music, Pharaoh Lucciano tells stories of the life he’s lived, the struggles he has overcome, and tries to inspire his audience through his motivational lyrics. When he was 12 years old, he saw the movies Notorious and 8 Mile and these generational masterpieces helped him realize making music was his purpose in life. Not only did these two films inspire Pharaoh to start making music, but also gave him the hope that music can lift one out of poverty. During the time he had spent incarcerated music was also one of his outlets that would help him get through his time, express his feelings, and give him the spirit to keep fighting for better days.

THe is currently working on an album called Tri-Polar, for which there is currently no determined release date. Pharaoh says this album will reflect the many different sides of his personality and it will be something everybody can relate to. 
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