Chart-Topping “Music Boss” Offers Free Course On “Exploding Your Fan Base”

Country music singer-songwriter Stephanie Lee aka Lady Redneck has crowd-funded her music, and she’s teaching other artists how to, for free!

During the pandemic, I wanted to help other musicians. My system is about making money through music and quitting your day job. I hope this blesses many lives.”— Stephanie “Lady Redneck” Lee

The past year has been a banner year for Stephanie Lee aka Lady Redneck. The Dallas-based blonde bombshell and chart-topping country music singer-songwriter has enjoyed 60K Spotify streams of her last 3 singles. Her smash, “I Dented Your Truck” hit #1 on the South African iTunes country chart, while her latest, “Don’t Try To Take Our Guns” hit the Top 10 in the UK. The surge in her popularity can be directly linked to her more than 1 million social media followers, who have helped to fund Stephanie’s music releases. It’s something that she is extremely grateful for, and now, Lady Redneck is paying it forward by teaching other artists her sure-fire secrets to crowd-funding.

“During the pandemic, I wanted to help other musicians,” Stephanie says. “I’d already figured out an online system with my music and have been able to support myself monetarily, so I wrote some courses and began mentoring other musicians who could no longer tour. My system is about making money through music and quitting your day job. However, as I started working with musicians, what they really wanted was more fans!”

She continues, “Most artists I work with want to know what to do to get more fans… this course explains the best way in 2022 to literally explode your fanbase. I also talk about ‘True Fans’ and what that means to your music, as well as the 80/20 rule. To really jumpstart this process, I’ve included a TikTok mini-course as well as a lot of information about Instagram as well. It’s truly a step-by-step 2 week process that walks you through exactly what to do! I hope this blesses many lives.”

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Registration for the course is on-going at The course begins on February 1st, but participants must register in advance.

ABOUT LADY REDNECK: For Stephanie Lee aka Lady Redneck, writing songs about her downhome roots and everyday life comes naturally. Raised in a musical family from the small town of Howe, Idaho (population 23), Stephanie grew up playing mandolin, fiddle, bass, guitar and drums, performing all over the pacific northwest in Dusty Boots. The family band sold over 40,000 units! After going solo, Lady Redneck has released numerous original and cover songs to the delight of her more than 1 million social media followers. She is a Josie Music Awards nominee.

Stephanie Lee is a dark chocolate lover and a workout-a-holic. She loves her family, her Savior, and her country. Now living in Texas, she also speaks Spanish and a little Cebuano.