Bill Abernathy Is Refreshing On Latest Single Offering

From his majestic EP release, Who Are You, Who Am I?, Bill Abernathy releases the title track of this four-track offering. This soft tempo track features intricate arpeggiated guitar chord tones with Bill Abernathy’s high register vocals, a contrast between Countertenor and Alto vocals lends this track to a relaxing, soothing, bigger-than-you-are feeling. Who Are You, Who Am I? is an exploration piece seeking to define a relationship and how each member fits into it. A self-realization epiphany at times of the complex world we live in and how each action can shape our understanding of each other. “We lived through the joy, but then we fought through the anger.” Bill Abernathy utilizes complex metaphors throughout his piece as he travels through his narrative, offering vast and vivid imagery of the wondrous nature of our interactions with each other. As these vocals carry across the listening space, at times it seems without pause, the guitar melodies keep the flow and shape each cadence creating a tension that is ultimately released by the vocals. This is a complex songwriting technique to master as the connection of instrument to vocal can be lost when this type of call and response is attempted, yet Bill Abernathy is able to push this technique throughout this piece. The folk style playing and the classical vocals create a bond that makes this track so enjoyable.

“Who Are You, Who Am I? “is an enjoyable track, it sets a pace for the onset which is maintained throughout. The pacing dictates the vocal approach which gives a platform for Bill Abernathy to showcase his range as a vocalist, maintaining a tricky key and not allowing the bottom end to slip in when it is not required. The lack of percussion on this track prevents a rhythmic feel, and the lack of the bottom end also prevents this track from having any noticeable groove. This is not missed as the “Who Are You, Who Am I?” is not a dancealong track, but a reflection piece worthy of just sitting back and giving it a listen. Although this track may not be ideal for commercial radio formats with its absence of groove and pulse, this track will fit well into any Folk, Middle-of-the-Road, Adult Contemporary playlist listeners may want to enjoy a Sunday afternoon with. Personally, I felt this track was quite enjoyable and refreshing as the vocals take us to another level we do not have a chance to hear much of these days.

–Lee Callaghan