Album Review: Little Wretches “Undesirables And Anarchists”

Trying to come up with a genre/style to describe Undesirables and Anarchists by Little Wretches is proving
difficult. The Indie grunge sound draws influence from modern Emo, Punk, Pop and Folk undertones yet
presents itself as a fresh approach to a Contemporary Rock. Leader Robert Wagner leads this four-piece
band into their exploration of chaos, freedoms, and independence with this offering as he tackles political,
spiritual and social issues with a mad-twist to offer unique perspectives. Opening track; Silence (Has Made
a Liar Out of Me) captures this stand on social values as the harmonizing vocals proclaim; they will speak
their mind an offer any truths regardless of consequence. “The harsh words came but I held my tongue,
and I should have said something but I stood there dumb”. Exploring this nihilist thought pattern even
further; Who Is America is a counterpoint to the established model of behaviour; “Asthmatic parasites
squealing and choking”. The imagery of the institution which governs us is portrayed in a juxtaposition of
values. Pay special attention as the Little Wretches use the down-beat on the snare to simulate a militant
representation of the American character.

I love the feel of this album, as each of the twelve tracks are presented as a simple rock number with
hooks and melodies. Coupled with sing-along choruses and catchy harmonies, the underlying tone is contrasted by the thought-provoking lyricism and delivered prose. Multiple listens are required to fully
appreciate the nuances hidden between the lines. Of course, this is also an album you crank up past eleven as you are driving down the freeway as you rock out to the instrumentation and effective song structures. Just be careful of the establishment as you put the foot down and drive with the intensity of the music. When referring to the Little Wretches bio, a quote sticks out which best describes Undesirables and Anarchists; “If you sell your soul for money, don’t come crying that you got a bad deal.”

–Tucker Cash