American Artist Heather Walton’s New Song ‘I Wanna Know’ is a melodic utterance of emotions.

Singer and songwriter Heather Walton recently came out with her single, ‘I Wanna Know’, an escapade into the endless horizons of man’s emotional connection with love. The song is released in association with the Italian Label Sonos Music Records.

The song is rich in its orchestral production and resonates a uniform texture in its dynamic. The singer’s vocal prowess, discipline, and honesty brim through the entirety of the song’s course making it more relatable to the audience. The artist shares “It’s an anthem for the world, but especially dreamers. About a big ideal based on one’s innermost desires and feelings that have a deep meaning in the most passional way. It’s about overcoming boundaries and the quest for light. My hope for “I Wanna Know” is that it will spark the listener to analyze their deepest desires on the subject of love, and then strive to reach new heights in their relationships, emotions, fantasies, and dreams. Love is the highest of all values after all.”

I Wanna Know’s music video takes the song to a new degree of thematic intimacy. The structure and storyline collectively pave the way for an impactful impression upon the audience. Aesthetically and musically pleasing, the song and the video complement each other symbolically. The artist’s signs of mystic elements signify the various female strengths and elevate the listener to the astral plane of peace and tranquillity. Heather Walton has put in all her compassion, conviction, and fluidity to make this song a highlight of her career.

The artist was born in California but presently lives in Utah and has grown an expansive cultural inclination over the years. An accomplished singer and dancer, her eccentricity and whimsical interpretations make her a unique songwriter with a vast perception. Her music is a secret message that spiritually and metaphysically transforms into practical inspiration for life. This innate ability to transform art into a speaking example of motivation is what makes her soundscape a potential weapon of socio-cultural and intrapersonal movements. She is associated with Canio Rosario Maffucci ‘s “Sonos Music Records” (a Maffucci Music‘s Label) which gives her a platform to reach out to the audience. For more information and updates, visit her website at

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