Zoe Berman Releases Multi-Faceted EP Freezing Heat

Denver based Americana meets soul artist Zoe Berman just released her new EP entitled Freezing Heat. The songwriter, who effortlessly blends relatable storylines, soothing sounds and vivid imagery, is wildly inspired by her self-reflective rumination and the kaleidoscopic elements found in nature, which is pleasantly abundant in Colorado.

Freezing Heat is a deep and introspective seven-track body of work that showcases the artist’s exploration of soul, jazz, pop and folk. According to the press release, “Lilac Hour ”was inspired by the golden hour in nature, a time of reflection and beauty. “Luna Lune” is a heartbreaking song about losing love, and then losing the ability to love the things we once held close because of the memories. On the brighter side, “Manuka Honey” is a romantic escape, and brings with it all the magical feelings associated with new love and the power of intimacy.

With much more music to come, we can’t wait to follow Berman as she continues her musical journey. 

Listen to Zoe Berman’s new EP Freezing Heat here and slip away into a world of richly textured sonics and heartfelt storytelling.