The Urban Renewal Project’s Jazzy Hip Hop Single “Will To Survive”

The musical collective collaborates with famed rapper Vic Mensa.

Sixteen-piece live jazz band and hip-hop collective The Urban Renewal Project is back with their latest offering “Will to Survive-featuring Vic Mensa,” which is the first release off their upcoming multimedia project Posse Comitavs, a concept inspired by comic books. The group, which is based in Los Angeles, is known for their uncanny ability to merge elements from Golden Era hip-hop, jazz and funk thus creating their own unique sound with an eclectic flavor.

In “Will to Survive” the band incorporates period instruments from the ancient Mediterranean and features vibrant horns, heavy hip-hop beats, and jazz-dipped soundscapes that cumulate into delightful ear candy. The song also features acclaimed rapper Vic Mensa who adds his personal touch. On the release, R.W. confides, “We drew a lot of inspiration from the fact that we’ve been in survival mode for the past year, just trying to make it through everything in one piece, and that sentiment tied together really nicely with the themes I found myself exploring with these historical military instruments.”

The video for “Will to Survive ft. Vic Mensa” can be watched here and streamed on all platforms June 18th.

The vinyl copy is available on Record Store Day complete with an original 20-page manga chronicling the adventures of a young recruit from North Africa in the Roman Legion, with illustrations courtesy of Saturday AM.