The OG sound of Synth is back!!

The OG sound of Synth is back!!! Mike Allen takes you back to the time when Synth Ruled.  In an age where most of the music coming out sounds all the same Mike gives you something refreshing yet familiar that’s not the same old usual lick. Music brings back and creates memories, when you listen toit Mike Allen’s pure organic retro inspired Synthwave will do just that.

A bit about the artist in his own words…I come from a musical family and can remember tinkering on my mom’s baby grand piano at around 5 years old. I started playing violin in the 3rd grade and guitar and bass by high school when I formed my first band called Sunday Flood in 1995. I ventured out into solo work in 2001, released my first record in 2003 and have been writing, producing and mixing my own music ever since. influences throughout the years have included nine inch nails, depeche mode, the cure, ned’s atomic dustbin, catherine wheel, deftones, aphex twin and many, many more.

The cover art for my latest release titled E. Previn, which is of a woman playing chess by herself, is in reference to me and the fact that i’ve grown more and more accustomed to doing and enjoying most things in life by myself.

My main inspiration for music is living life, plain and simple. i’ve touched mostly on darker subject matters like mental illness, addiction and isolation but also more external topics like religion and politics.