Single Review: HeIsTheArtist “Sumthin’ Sumthin'”

A fly G-funk meets sultry R&B, Heistheartist goes for a sense of pure luxury with the intense trip of “Sumthin’ Sumthin’” (October 15th, MTS Records.) The melodies stun for they have a sparkling splendor to them. Layer upon layer is brought into the mix making sure there is a stream of consciousness to the whole of the thing. By far the true highlight comes from his full sultry voice. Vocals have a hushed awe behind them. Full of so much love the way that the lyrics unfurl further adds to the genuine affectionate tone of the sound. Everything here works from the ornate intersection of the keyboards to the easy-going, low-slung groove that anchors the work. 

From the first moment an intimacy of sorts takes shape. He puts a lot of different elements together. There are nods to Dam Funk’s sense of nostalgia, as the song has a West Coast vibe behind it. Never rushed, there is a soothing atmosphere that takes shape, one that gets full of a tremendous sense of purpose. A certain bounciness takes over for the sense of joy radiates throughout. So much happiness is poured into every single inch of the sound that it becomes truly a thing of wonder to experience. For the final stretch his verses become even more profound as the track neatly comes to a rather reflective close.

“Sumthin’ Sumthin’” features the sly seductive quality of Heistheartist in crafting a world that feels so lush.