More Than Christian Or Country…Randy Seedorff’s “Begin Again” Is Stellar!

Throughout my life I have listened to many styles and genres of music; from very heavy and diabolical music to very pop and mainstream music, but one of the genres that hasn’t really caught my attention much is Christian music. I have nothing against Christian artists, it’s just that it’s just not really my thing. But recently, on the recommendation of some friends, I checked out Randy Seedorff, a Kansas city singer, songwriter, guitarist, who is also a pastor and his album: Begin Again. Despite it not being my style, it caught me completely off guard…I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have to come clean; I don’t usually listen to country music either…and although I don’t know anything about his other releases, “Begin Again”, is an album created with a unique sound; a very refreshing and peaceful sound. There’s something about this album that feels both very classic and heartwarming; like a pastor spreading the good word, or words of wisdom from your parents or grandparents. His voice is one of the reasons why this album makes you feel safe and sound; the opening song, “Dream”, shows you that Randy is a very good front man, while the last song, “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow” is almost life-changing…almost like a hymn.

You can tell that the album was mixed and produced with love. The sound is both very clean and very polished. The guitars and the piano are the driving forces in this album, especially the piano, which adds a soft texture to the music that makes it sound complete, perfect and soft. Each song is different, so when you hear the album for the first time, you can understand that each song was made different to keep us seated from start to finish. I really enjoyed Randy’s delivery of the songs, too. Unconventional ways of delivering music make it feel more personal, and it makes you feel empathy to the artist, or in this case, to Randy; who himself said: “When I sat down to song write for “Begin Again”, I was reminded of my childhood”. Songs like “The Poet” and “My Maria” are the most personal ones, and they are also my favorites on this EP. He also said about his song, “Family Tree”: “I loved writing and singing this song, because it takes me back to my roots.” Remembering where you came from is a great way to “Begin Again”. This song was released on January 15th of this year.

Generally speaking about this album, although is a new style for me, and it is very different from my favorite genre, I really enjoyed this one. I listened to this album 3 times this morning, and with every time, I noticed something new. I was raised as a Christian, but I don’t identify myself as a Christian anymore, but that’s does not mean I can’t enjoy Christian music, right? Because Randy’s music is something else…it is that kind of music you listen to, when you want to feel better.

Go listen to “Begin Again”, this is a stellar album for sure!

–Sam Chomo