Matt Westin’s Police Tribute Being Used By Nashville Radio

WNHE Radio Nashville will feature the singer-songwriter’s latest single on their New Music Monday as a tribute to the Nashville Police Department. The show is syndicated on multiple stations.

“It’s a line that’s drawn in brotherhood for the ones who protect and serve
A salute to the fallen heroes for the honor they have earned
We’re the flashing lights of justice who wear that badge with pride
Standing shoulder to shoulder sharing the sacrifice
Oh we are, we are … the Thin Blue Line”
– Matt Westin and Joie Scott, “Thin Blue Line”

When country singer-songwriter Matt Westin sat down to write his i#1 international iTunes charting single, “Thin Blue Line” with hit writer Joie Scott (Collin Raye, Riders In the Sky), he wanted to deliver a lasting tribute to our brave police officers who serve and protect our communities in very selfless ways.

On July 12th, 2021, WNHE Radio will feature Matt Westin’s “Thin Blue Line” as a “Tribute to the Nashville Police Department” on their New Music Monday syndicated radio program. The show airs at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central at

Westin says, “Thin Blue Line’ was inspired by my long-time friendships with men and women in law enforcement. Over the years, I’ve heard their stories, I’ve seen the pain and pride in their eyes, and their selflessness and courage made a profound impact on me. I don’t know how they go to work every day not knowing if they’ll come home. They see the ugliest corners of society, then come home to be moms and dads, husbands and wives. It’s truly incredible. They consider it a sacred duty to protect and serve their fellow man, and I wanted to give something back in support of these brave men and women. Especially now, with so much anti-police sentiment going around, I wanted to give them the support they so richly deserve, and let them know that they are appreciated and prayed for.”

Watch the Official Lyric video for “Thin Blue Line” at

Hosted by music veteran Buck McCoy, New Music Monday is based out of WNHE Radio in Nashville, TN, the radio show is a hot bed for new and unsigned artists and bands, while at the same time showcasing the chart breakers who are currently blowing up the airwaves. The show is also aired on WNVV/New York, KKUL/Las Vegas, and KLDL/Los Angeles, among others.

ABOUT MATT WESTIN: Country artist Matt Westin first hit the national radar in 2018 with the release of his debut album, Legacy. Produced by music veteran Bryan Cole, the album introduced country fans to the humble baritone voice of the engineer-turned-artist. Westin recorded the album after the death of his father, who had been so supportive of Matt’s music. Singles like “Our Redneck of the Woods,” “Farm Town” and “You Leave Me No Choice” racked up the streams on Spotify and Youtube, with the latter single amassing over 65K plays. In the meantime, Westin appeared in Billboard Magazine, won 2 International Music and Entertainment Association Awards, and secured his first film role in “116 MacDougal,” as Johnny Cash, with former Baywatch star, Donna D’Errico. 2019 saw the release of two more Matt Westin singles, the Top 40 Canadian iTunes hit, “Stomp On” and his biggest streaming hit to date, “Hey Bro,” which has over 350K Spotify plays.