Larger Than Life: A Fragile Tomorrow Brings The Aughts To The Twenties

A Fragile Tomorrow taps into the sound I grew up with on “It’s Better That Way”. Back in the early aughts I had my own radio show. I played a lot of stuff on there, from the avant-garde to pop, but my favorite sort of stuff were the bands that remembered how to touch the heart while simultaneously rocking out. To their credit, A Fragile Tomorrow makes sure to embrace that epic, slightly western sound over the course of the album. Instrumentally rich, they incorporate such a kaleidoscopic number of oft-overlooked items into the mix.

The songs do an excellent job flowing into each other. At times there is a degree of grace to the entire procession for their ability to tie together so many different approaches into a cohesive whole definitely feels like a unique skill. By sampling so many different genres the result is something that feels made by true music lovers. Incredibly well-listened, they make sure to filter their own different personalities into the sound. Much larger sounding than their four-piece selves, they manage to deliver a communal presence. Lots of the atmosphere simply washes over the listener as they have a chilled-out vibe to them. Vocals help to tie the whole thing together for it is truly the unifying factor within the album. Full of so much life, the vocalists on here have a spirited presence about them.

“It’s Better That Way” revels in the exquisite detail that A Fragile Tomorrow explores with the utmost of glee.


–John Simpson