Kel Adore is Back to Make You Dance and Cry

         Kel Adore is back with the release of her new song, “Happy Again”, which dropped on all platforms May 13th. Following her track, “Fool for the Pain”, Kel Adore continues to build on her reputation as a vivid storyteller with unique imagery found in every line of the song. “Happy Again” opens up the conversation for relationships after infidelity. Adore wonders if she will ever be “Happy Again” after her partner’s unfaithfulness— a deeply emotional concept that is sure to connect Adore to her fans. 

         Kel Adore has mastered the juxtaposition of creating upbeat and catchy pop tunes without losing the meaningful lyrical aspect. “Happy Again” is without a doubt an emotional song with a punchy kick and memorable melodies that makes you want to dance. With “Happy Again” being her sophomore release, Kel Adore is barely getting started and has so much more music on the way. Stay connected with her socials down below. 

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