John Vento Delivers Healing With “That Damn War (Father & Son)”

Since venturing into the realm of solo musicianship, John Vento has never shied away from emphasising the shadowy corners of his thoughts and feelings, the aim of all bonafide wordsmiths and communicators. As a father of three, the painful subject of losing one of his children takes center stage in his latest single ‘That Damn War (Father & Son)‘. 

Rather than just a sombre tale of the lost time between a father and son due to the latter bravely fighting in the war, and sadly not returning, Vento uses his lyrical prowess as a healing mechanism for the lives affected by the losses of war. This pain is felt by many, but there is solace in that pain.

“Close the door on that goddamn war” laments Vento, trying to close a difficult chapter in his life in order to move forwards and heal. This theme of healing and rehabilitation also reflects Vento in a personal capacity – many years of abusing his vocals meant that in 2018, Vento had all-but lost his ability to speak, let alone sing. Praying for a miracle, his voice eventually came back, proving that faith and love can pull you through tough times, even if you can’t see any light in the darkness.

Conveniently, his repaired vocals now have an added gravelly texture, and his growling serves this song superbly. Military drums enter the final chorus, passionately and pridefully paying respect to the thousands of young lives lost through the ages, as Vento pays his respects with his most accomplished composition yet.

–Thomas Curtish