Irish Electro Alt Punk Rockers MOVMENT

Irish Electro Alt Punk Rockers MOVMENT continue the genres legacy by infusing raw intense Synth forced with hard driven Bass Guitars ending in a sound not heard since the likes of Ministry, Praga Khan and Joy Division.  Their latest Album gives that real electronic music with that attitude and message of PUNK ROCK!  Their strong vocal prowess connect melodically with the guitar and Synth infusion that are the heart of their songs.  

Following in the tradition of anti establishment and questioning authority of  PUNK Rock  the single PROPAGANDA explores the  ideas around the challenges of modern living and argues..  As put by  the band…  “There is another way”  What is the truth? What is fake?   There is a divergence in society. The new album Transformation explores this situation. We are bombarded with information, opinions, viewpoints, and words. We drown in  ideas, in solutions, in propaganda. There needs to be a TRANSFORMATION from where we are now.  

MOVMENT are Martin Kelly  on  Vocals, Drums, Words   and Kevin Kelly on Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Synths, Programming, Words  Original members of Raw Novembre.  Stream the music via the links and follow them on social media for updates.