Hayley Sales and Sharon Stone team up for “Never Before”

Like a romantic novel and a classic amorous reverie, “Never Before” is a love dedication for the ages.  Written by Canadian singer-songwriter Hayley Sales and famed actress Sharon Stone, the Jazz infused ballad is as ear pleasing as it is heartfelt. “Never Before” marks the duo’s first musical collaboration with hopefully more to come.  Sharon Stone’s whimsical storytelling coupled with Hayley Sales’ soulful vocals and keen musicianship make for a compelling composition. 

Sharon Stone confides, “What a pleasure it has been to work with HAYLEY, she is a true artist. She cares more about getting the truth of her art right than anything else. I cannot wait to be there to see her sing this on stage. Maybe even more than hearing on the radio. She is gorgeous, pure, true: the real deal.” 

Take a listen to “Never Before” now and get lost in the adventure of love and music.