Exploring The “Death Roll Blues” With K.K. Hammond

When it comes to singer-songwriters, K.K. Hammond is a particularly interesting breed of performer. Combining many different eclectic influences into her music, she’s a one of a kind musician, especially with a slide guitar in her hands. She channels a very specific type of sound through her various inspirations, and as she grows that scope only gets larger. With such a unique sound, it’s often hard to remember that behind it all is just a woman who loves what she does.

Living on a remote farm in the woodlands, K.K. Hammond grew up in London, England, living as a typical city kid, biding her time for a chance to change things up. She’d grow up around music, with her father being a regular in the London rock and roll scene. As she familiarized herself with music, eventually she’d move out into the sticks where she’d finally find herself truly at home.

Her unique sound came about as the result of her combining her two greatest passions in life, horror movies and music. Throwing these influences together was a stroke of sudden genius, but one that naturally to K.K. Hammond herself. She allows herself to enjoy the process and let her passion for music guide, which she advices other prospective artists to also try.

Growing her sound and influences led the artist on many travels, with her trips to the USA being particularly eventful. Meeting shady people in backwater towns and spending nights with Amish folk would enrichen K.K. Hammond’s perspectives on her life and music. All of this has contributed greatly to her upcoming project, “Death Roll Blues.”

Eventually, she’d get homesick for the country lifestyle, and thus she would return to her farm with fresh ideas in mind. K.K. Hammond keeps busy with her musical projects, including new songs and videos, but when she’s not working on her music, she’s keeping her hands full running her farm. It does occasionally keep her from planning tours, but she loves it nonetheless.

Despite putting her all into her music, K.K. Hammond still finds herself anxious when it comes to releasing new projects. She’s a perfectionist, and she only wants to give her fans the best she has to offer, as they mean a lot to her. She speaks of her deep seated appreciation for her fans, serving as her motivation, her ray of light that allows her to keep doing what she does.

Behind all the horror and technically impressive guitar playing, K.K. Hammond is a down-to-Earth country girl who values the simpler things in life. She reflects on her work and fans often, and she does her best despite her worries and anxieties. Through it all, she perseveres, and it results in some of the most unique music you’ll ever hear.