Celebration Of The Light Within

“Always Good,” the debut single from Jimii N°1 drops on all streaming services 14 March with the album to follow on 8 April. This genre crossing song echoes that of Al Greene and James Brown with a touch of Johnny Cash.

Jimii’s insight to the song “Always Good,” the lead single from the album, is a bright, rocking song. Driving home the fact that “trouble don’t last always.” Just as there’s yin and yang, there’s always good. The candlelit splendour of “I Know” conveys a song of gratitude and the beauty and the grace that love shares. Often the essence of many soul songs have their roots in spiritual music; this song truly takes the secular and brings it back to the spiritual — back to the true power of love. The knowing of grace in its most personal form and origin.

A bit about the artist… Jimii N°1 has been involved in music his whole life.  Singing, church to musical theatre.  Performing with bands or orchestras. His love of all music has always been front and centre. He had the honour of working with Julian Swain for many years. Performing for Katherine Dunham and, collectively, winning the Black Theatre Arts Alliance Award.

A 22 year career of makeup artistry helped to keep the “boat afloat”, so to speak while chasing his other artistic dreams.  He did makeup for Television ,Theatre, Fashion Week/NYC and some of the world’s top Cosmetics companies have used his services.  

Some of his more recent endeavours have included starting,  “The Theatre Summer Workshop,” which culminated in an original theatre piece. Written and performed by the children involved, in SF.  He’s also one of the first artists to show their art with “Artists in Motion”.  A Chicago based collective, showing his photography. He’s been involved in Chicago’s Art Fair scene.  Showing photography for years.

In an effort to give back to those who have blessed him, he’s now putting another artistic foot forward with his compilation of Affirming Melodies.

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