Buck Ford Releases “I Know Them Blues” Ahead Of “I’m Gettin’ There” Album Drop

Buck Ford brings back traditional elements of country in all his tracks, and his new single ‘I Know Them Blues’ is no exception. With twangy guitar riffs and Ford’s country toned vocals, this song undoubtedly embodies true country music. He sings about heartache like he’s been there before and is telling his girl, “I know them blues honey just like I know you” during the chorus of the song. 

The blues are mentioned in this record in terms of sadness and music and he manages to tie together “famous people and the things that create the blues in similar but different ways” , says Ford. Fans of real country will appreciate the simplicity and real instruments used in this song and should go check out Ford’s other music as well. He just announced his new album “I’m Gettin’ There” which is now available for pre-order and pre-save. Check it out on his social media @buckfordcountry. 

To find more about Buck Ford click here: https://www.buckford.com 

Listen to “I Know Them Blues” on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4WyavZf6ytMRdzgxwQBxIL?si=Tamv53etQKu5vaPSi0v91g