Alexa Villa’s Fierce New Rock Anthem “Good Girl”

The standout Los Angeles rock goddess Alexa Villa just dropped her new single and video for “Good Girl.” Deeply affected by the societal pressures that women still face in today’s culture, the song is a spirited anthem that fights for women’s freedom while reminding everyone that there is still so much work to be done. Villa confides, “Why do we have to wear pink, have the perfect body, or be quiet and look pretty to be feminine? And if we do live outside the box why do we as women then become stereotypes? I wrote this song at a time when I was frustrated and angry about the rules. Rules that were so clearly made to be broken…” With powerful, intentional energy and clever lyrics that show some teeth, the song is the perfect pop rock banger for women, by women, and in celebration of women everywhere. 

Check out Alexa Villa’s new single and video for “Good Girl” Here!