Musicians from the United States to Portugal have joined forces to create a brand new album of amazing music. Like The Beatles, they’re having hit after hit at the hands of the main singer-songwriter, Nolen R. Chew Jr. They’re called ‘The Star Prairie Project’ and it was Nolen who brought them together. NamedContinue Reading

Irish Electro Alt Punk Rockers MOVMENT continue the genres legacy by infusing raw intense Synth forced with hard driven Bass Guitars ending in a sound not heard since the likes of Ministry, Praga Khan and Joy Division.  Their latest Album gives that real electronic music with that attitude and messageContinue Reading

The talented and incomparable Maki Mae.  She released a new holiday/seasonal song album just last year full of tunes that will soon become timeless holiday classics we will all listen to year after  year, decade after decade. Maki’s talents and story are equally astounding as her musical and vocal prowess. Continue Reading

Sayo Popoola, aka Sayò, is a UK-Nigerian songwriter, producer, and world-renowned recording artist known for her unique ability to climb the melodic scale, seamlessly! Many praise her as “the singer with the angelic voice,” having a distinguished sonic signature; she has broken the noise of the oversaturated industry, quickly becoming a householdContinue Reading

A Return To Raps Authentic Core   The music once again has a message thanks to the New Age Outlaws their organic message returns to the roots of where rap began, once again addressing the important social issues from BLM to Police Reform. Something that once again challenges the dominant cultural,Continue Reading