Vapid Fire With Nicky Roland

  1. What turns you on, creatively or otherwise? 

A:  Curiosity. Both in music and people.

  1. What’s a good tip for someone who wants to be you for Halloween?

A:  Move silently, slip in and out of the shadows, blend with the crowd…Sorry, lost in thought. Thought I was playing Assassin’s Creed again.

  1. Which celebrity’s hair do you covet most?

A: Probably Simon Le Bon’s, that way I would pretend to be him and get into all the best clubs (I’ve been told I look a lot like him).

  1. What would your death-row last meal be?

A: Sushi from Kampai on Lincoln Blvd, LA.

  1. What’s your juiciest vice or guiltiest pleasure?

A: See above answer! 👆

  1. What extravagant purchase should probably make you feel guiltier? 

A: I just bought an EV, but I’m not sure I feel guilty. Probably more depressed seeing the money flying out of my bank account. It’s for a good cause I keep telling myself 😅

  1. When’s (and why’s) the last time you wanted to slap someone?

A: Ummm, a more appropriate question would be “When was the last time you didn’t want to slap someone?”

  1. What most likely made that stain on your outfit? 

A: Oh that? That’s probably from my last batch of Carolina Reaper hot sauce.

  1. Describe your favorite undergarment.

A: You mean the shiny one with the metal studs? Seriously though, so not sexy. Long Johns. When there’s ten inches of snow on the ground, they’re a god send.

10. What’s a lie you’ve told more than once? 

A:  I never lie. Or do I?

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An Icon of the Dance Music Scene… DJ/Producer Nicky Roland~

Growing up in London, Nicky was at the forefront of the Underground party scene in the early 90’s working with the legendary Party Group Coalesce Sound and Vision. Organising what was labelled as the best House Nights in the UK. Now residing in Denver CO he continues to release those Retro inspired hits.

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