Spooky Dance Fun

Time to get spooky~   We all need some great dance tunes for that Halloween Party or when we are pumped up on Candy Corn and Chocolate. Here are some great Bone Chilling Tunes that will Raise the Dead`  

Dancin’ Lights Part 2 is the first new dance song in a few years from Icon Pepper Mashay~ best known for her hit Dive In The Pool which was the Anthem for The American Verison of Queer As Folk was at the Top of The Pops  along with Top of The Charts .  Her latest has already been in the tops of the charts with Starfleet Music Record Pool. 

Two Songs drop from DJ Producer Nicky Roland… he takes you back to the Side A  Side B days of the 12” Remix!    Ghost In The Machine is a Detroit Techno tune with a HUGE Juan Atkins/Model 500 influence; On the Flip Side is  11:59 is an early 90s French Hip-Hop style tune (English lyrics) with a political message. 11:59 may well be the 1st hip-hop track with no samples (apart from the vocals).

Stream the song here or on  your favourite streaming service~

Not since Sir Mixalot has an artist achieved such masterful symphonic, connoisseurship  prose of the Booty!  Pinhead’s infusion of hip hop and electro funk jumps out at you in his latest hit “Don’t F**K With My DJ”. Poised to be another Top of The POPS hit on the charts following in the footsteps of his last one “Big Butt” which was #1 at Starfleet Music Record Pool Charts that rival Billboard. 

Little Joe Bourgeois! That Blues  infused Country  sound he belts out was  Influenced by the likes of  Blues and Country greats B.B. King, Robert Johnson, Doc Watson, Joe Pass, Mississippi John Hurt, Jimi Hendrix and Danny Gatton.  His latest single “Blues For Ronnie” pays homage to his musical influences.

Funkadelic is back. With Bruce Wayne .  The Baton Rouge, Louisiana based Blues group it’s an explosive mashup of modern Southern Soul Zydeco with Southern Hip Hop undertones creating a fresh sound spearheaded by a group of music industry veterans that are known to put on a show.